Managing the lesson

Managing the lesson

Work through the module at your own pace.

Do the self-assessment activity on the page after the Introduction to check your skills in this professional practice. The self-assessment activity will help you to decide which elements of practice you want to improve. Each area has four sections:

A Analyse: Can you advise these teachers? This section looks at real teachers’ situations and a part of the practice they’re finding difficult. Think of the advice you would give the teachers in the case studies. This section helps you to think about what you already do, and gives you some ideas to try in your own classes.

B Think: What do you know? This section gives an explanation of the area of practice. It might have new terminology. It is a good idea to have an ELT glossary, such as the Teaching knowledge database on the TeachingEnglish website, open for you to look up any words you don’t know. This section also has a short task for you to check your understanding of the area of practice described.

C Try: How does it work? This section asks you to try something out in a class or over a number of lessons. The tasks will help you to think more about the area of practice in Section B and also to understand how the area applies to your teaching context. Some of the tasks need resources, but many can be done without any special preparation. It is a good idea to read several in-classroom tasks and then plan which task to do, with which groups of learners, and when.

D Work together: What will help your teaching? These sections have ideas for how you and your colleagues can do the activities together and support each other’s professional development. If you are working on your own, then choose some of t

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