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Dear B2: First (FCE) student,

We certainly are going through exceptional times! The current crisis has meant that many students preparing for Cambridge B2: First (FCE) are unable to attend classes. This is obviously a concern and I’m sure like us, you’re looking forward to things returning to normal as soon as possible. But in the meantime, there’s no need to let the progress you have made with your English and your FCE studies slip. We’ve listed materials you can use (mostly ours but some from elsewhere) on a daily or weekly basis as part of a stuctured programme of self-study. Remember that you need to do more than just do practice tests. Reading and listening to English as widely as possible is the best way to get that top grade you’re after.

This is just an example of a weekly study programme. The important thing is to be systematic. Your teachers will have been following a syllabus and timetable to deliver your classes. This is your chance to design your own! If you’re already getting help from your teachers, try to incorporate the ideas below as well.


Start the week by preparing to answer a writing question, using our weekly FCE Writing task (published every Monday). If you haven’t downloaded the Cambridge B2: First Handbook yet, do this first. The writing section has lots of really useful resources, including the Writing assessment criteria and sample students’ answers with examiners’ comments. Make a note of the points they make and remember to think about that assessment criteria when attempting the writing task.

Don’t forget to pay Flo-Joe’s FCE Writing Makeover page a visit to see if there are any answers to the same task. The Makeover section contains a list of students’ answers to questions with a teacher’s feedback. You can learn so much from other students’ work!

While you’re on the Flo-Joe site, spend a few minutes trying Flo-Joe’s daily FCE Word Bank exercises (published Monday to Friday). Try using any new phrasal verbs, collocations or word formations during the day!


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